Monday, June 9, 2014

Final exam

This year in creative arts I learned a lot . From classmates I learned that we all have our own likes and dislikes. So just because someone's art isn't your cup of tea doesn't mean they don't love it. They might have made it that way on purpose because that's what they visioned it would look like. From my teacher Mrs. Kick I learned that the way you start isn't necessarily how it'll turn out at the end of the project. So have hope and think and feel as if everything will turn out the way you want because that's all you can do with certain experiments. I learned a lot from this class this year and I enjoyed myself. GOODBYE!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dear mama!

Growing up in Camden N.J my mother felt helpless having a baby and letting me be raised in the slums. So instead of letting go, or giving up she raised me there for eight long cold years. She wanted better for me she didn't want me to live the life her and my father had lived as well as the rest of my family. I didn't blame her. All she wanted was to take me far away from the drug infested area where we had all grown up in, for a start of a new/better life without struggling. After getting her things together eventually we moved out of the "hood". We had gotten our own apartment in Westville N.J. It was a very nice place compared to where we had just moved from. My mother loved it. She finally had her first own place with her own family to support! She also didn't just get by we would order out whatever and whenever we wanted. As well as my mother paying her bills consistently and supporting two kids all by herself! My mom was a trooper..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Personal collections reflect you?

In my honest opinion i feel as though that when you collect things it reflects who you are. For instance if you collect certain music albumns from an artist usually that music reflects on who you are or what you been through or can relate to. It doesnt always mean when you collect things they have to define you but majarity of people do. This usually happens because they like to go back after years and look back on things they had interest in in their younger years.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bicycle drawing

The process of my bicycle drawing was very interesting. I liked how we drew them out in an up close view. This made it seem even more real. Most importantly this drawing interested me when we started shading because there is different pencils to shade and help perfect your drawing. The first pencil is the hb pencil. This  is the drawing pencil. Next the 2h pencil is the light shading pencil that shades very lightly. The 6b pencil is the darker pencil for shading. The 6b pencil is my favorite. It doesnt take much effort to make your shading dark. In my opinion i like well developed black and white artwork, rather than many colors. I feel it brings out the actual picture in a better and more difficult manner.

Compare and Contrast

In my experiences with the colored pencils and the graphite pencils i enjoyed comparing my drawings. To me i enjoyed the shading with the colored pencils a little more, but both experience taught me different things. Graphite pencils taught me that certain pencils only need a certain amount of pressure for each of the three pencils. The colored pencils leave a smooth coat when you shade hard if you shade light there will be white spaces throughout the drawing.

Candy Jar

The process in making the candy jar came together very well. Im glad i got the chance to experience working with these colored pencils. I liked how you could use other colors to replace a dull pitch black. Than soon after , when you go over the drawing again you add a darker and smoother coat of the color to it so theres no white blotches. This helps define shaded areas and make your drawing seem alive. I enjoyed getting to draw the candy in the position its in in reality and drawing it on paper that exact way.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is my first year of art, I'm willing to stay open minded. I look forward to this year.